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Charlene LaBelle
Over the years Belle Kennels has done all sorts of "firsts" or "special" dog related stuff.. We feel the following is worth mentioning:

Kenoskha was the first AKC registered female to earn BOTH of AMCA packing titles (WPD and WPDX). She and her father (Bandit) were the first WPDX dogs on the west coast (WPDX #4 and #5)

A litter of 8 7-week old pups was in a fashion show with the San Francisco 49ers. It was Steve's birthday. He didn't attend the fashion show. He took Nessa to visit her boyfriend (Charger). Which resulted in Corky.

Buddy won Best In Show at an all-breed International Dog Show on 7-11-97 handled by an 11 year old (Tiffini Manning).

Allie, her son (Buddy) and her grandson (Zeus, Buddy's son) hiked a WPDX hike together. It was a mere 7 ½ years between WPDX hikes for Allie. Allie had needed one more trip to finish her WPDX (Working Pack Dog eXcellent) so the trio "drug" Steves, LaBelle and Cayas for close to 50 miles..

Allie, Buddy, Corky and Dillon
appeared on the cover for a catalog that lists suppliers for HP. The same photo was modified for a Christmas card.

There is a Christmas card with 3 Belle Babies sleeping in stockings.. All 3 are wearing cute little red hats as they hang in the stockings… sound asleep.

Charlene has held several offices for NCAMA (Northern California Alaskan Malamute Assoc), including president, and membership chair. She is currently the treasure for SNDD (Sierra Nevada Dog Drivers). -don't even try to count all the clubs in which she is a member in good standing .

"Belle" babies have been major pointed from the puppy classes, won sweepstakes, won BIM at fun matches.

Buddy was undefeated as a puppy in AKC shows. Buddy was undefeated as a class dog in Canada. In Canada he was entered in 10 shows. He won Best of Breed 4 times. He finished his Canadian championship in 5 shows. He finished the year as one of the top 25 Alaskan Malamutes in Canada. And scored well at the Top 25 event at the Canadian National held in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada in Sept 2000.

Allie was #2 top producing bitch in 1997. She has produces 4 AKC champions and 5 International champions.

Two of Allie's AKC champion get are REDs.
Skya has even gone as far as to win Best Of Breed. Not too many RED BITCHES can claim that! Both have their International championships.

Corky's pups (Diamond and Einstein) were in a TV commercial for the BabyGap (tm).

Belle Kennels has had at least one photo of a dog we own or bred in a calendar for the last 8 years. Including Skya and R.E.Der on a cover.

Belle babies are on checks from the Check Store (1-800-4CHECKS #47-puppy love). Five different photos of pups are in the series. One photo is Malamute pups, the picture is of Trevi and Gidget on a sled.

There is a post card avail in Alaska with 3 Belle babies on a sled.

There is a bookmark with 3 Belle babies and a friend wearing bandanas.

Buddy's only daughter,
Toga is on a note pad made by Mead (tm).

Allie is pictured on the packaging for the Large Dog Tie Out that is sold at PetSmart(tm). Her photo is also on a food supplement.

Somewhere out there, there is a jigsaw puzzle with Belle Babies on it. Heard about it, just haven't seen it.

Charlene is the author of: A Guide To Backpacking With Your Dog. There are over 10,000 copies sold. She has had articles published in Dog Fancy (tm), Pet Product News (tm), The Malamute Quarterly and several newsletters. As well as is quoted in several articles.

Charlene was one of the profiled breeders in the 1998 Alaskan Malamute Annual (Hoflin). And has an article published in the 1999 Annual and 2000 Annual.

Buddy and Charlene enjoyed being interviewed on "Seven Live" when we were on vacation in Seattle. We taped the show in one take.

Buddy and Nessa with several "friends" enjoyed carting on a soon to be opened freeway for over 40 miles. The Alaskan Malamute HELP League in Canada let us make our own title.. and we called it Working Freeway Dog (WFD). The program is a wonderful fund raiser for their RESCUE efforts. You can visit the Alaskan Malamute HELP League, at: http://www.accel.net/accel/malamuterescue/ Housing, Evaluation, Love, Placement

We had fun “collecting” titles on Buddy, including the FIRST ever: VAM (Versatile Alaskan Malamute) and AVA (AMHL Versatility Award). The VAM is from the Alaskan Malamute Club of America and the AVA is from the Alaskan Malamute Help League. Buddy is up to 36 sets of “letters” (as of 9-1-2000). Buddy has more titles than any other Malamute living or dead and we are still collecting “letters”.

We have entered “teams” in ISDRA
(International Sled Dog Racing Association) sanctioned sprint races in the 3-dog ski-jor class. Internationally we have finished 6th and 7th. Regionally we have placed 3rd and 2nd. Both years the “gold” (International first) has come out of our region (running Alaskan Huskies). We have finished 1st in the pure-bred class in every race we have entered.

At International shows:

Dillon won Best in Show puppy, BIS bred By puppy, and Reserve BIS puppy. Nessa won 4 Best In Show Veteran, 3 in one weekend. And reserve BIS Vet quite a few times..

The braces I have shown have NEVER been defeated. I have shown quite a few combinations of dogs for a braces. Adults: mother/son, uncle/niece. Pups: brother / brother (several combinations) . And the Hunyada showed their brother / sister pair of REDs earned their International championships and Best Brace in Show.
The "breeder's group" I show has also never been defeated.. its been close, but we still ended up winning.. every time. I have shown 2 different combinations of dogs in the "breeder's group". -it like combining the stud dog and brood bitch and generations all in one.

Buddy has won at least one of every adult BIS the IABCA folks have to offer: BIS Adult, Best Brace in Show, BIS Bred By Exhibitor, BIS BBE-Vet, and BIS-Vet. As well as BIS “breeder’s group”. Many he has won multiple times.

We took a trip South (Baja California, Mexico July 2000). Buddy placed in the group 3 of the 4 shows. Group 1, Group 2 and a Group 4. He earned an FCI International as well as a Mexican Championship. And passed the Mexican Temperament Test adding MTT to his list of letters.

Are we proud of our kids..

Charlene G. LaBelle
Belle Kennels -beautiful Alaskan Malamutes, Saratoga, CA
author: A Guide To Backpacking With Your Dog
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